About Lookza


Our mission is to make your business succeed. We're starting small with what you see now: a free service that helps Etsy and eBay sellers build a beautiful, shareable storefront showcasing their items.

We are actively developing tools to help sellers connect with their customers, grow a following, and get more sales.



Eugene Otto


Eugene was the founding engineer at FooMojo, a social gaming company backed by Baseline Ventures and SoftBank Capital. He spent the past year consulting and traveling throughout Europe and Asia.


Matt Inouye


Matt spent several years consulting at eBay, eBay Partner Network, and Yahoo! with Accenture. He was most recently involved with organic marketing at bloomspot, a San Francisco-based daily deals startup. If you ask nicely, he can hook you up with some great deals on outdoor gear.


Lookza incorporates art generously released to the commons by these artists & organizations; please visit them when you have a chance: